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Our goal at Cerise Vanite is to bring affordable, high fashion garments to all fashion lovers, including those that might live in areas that might not necessarily be as fashion forward as other areas.

Two questions that I frequently get are, “What does Cerise Vanite mean?” and, “What was the inspiration behind it?” Although there are various different spellings of the name Shariece, Shariece was ultimately derived from the French word, Cerise. Translated to English, Cerise means cherry or an intense red color. Vanite is simply the word vanity in French. I wanted my boutique to be a part of me, yet still have its own identity. Having Cajun roots, I thought a French name would be a cool connection, and also give my Boutique it’s own identity. I then came up with the name Cerise Vanite. I am a lover of music, fitness, beauty, and I have a passion for fashion! Being born and raised in Houston, Texas, seeing many fashion forward people or shops is not very common. I decided that I wanted to open a clothing boutique with glamorous clothing items inspired by looks of your favorite celebrities, with prices that are very affordable. Everything from my products and the shopping experience, to the presentation of the products upon receiving them in the mail will make you feel like the superstar you are! Cerise Vanite can currently only be shopped at online. Thank you so much for supporting me!